Interview by: Slick Worthington

While I was on vacation in Las Vegas, earlier this year, Lamont Patterson from

World Movement Records hooked me up with the beautiful singer Kanya for an

interview. We met at an outdoor café outside of The Mirage Hotel & Casino.

Here’s what she had to say…

We’re here with Kanya. How are you doing today? I’m good. How are you?

Good… Good!

We’re out here in lovely, Las Vegas, at the Mirage. I’ve been out here a few times, and this has been a fun trip. So,

this is your city… Yes. I’m originally from Oakland, west Oakland.

Okay, big ups to Oakland! (Laughs)

How did you end up in Vegas? Umm? You know, I wanted a change. I moved here a year ago, and I kinda thought I’d do

something different. I’ve been in California all my life. And so, I moved around to L.A., Hollywood, and the Pasadena area,

and then just came here. I had been coming to Vegas throughout- vacationing here, so I said, “well, I might as well try my

luck here.

Is there a pretty healthy music scene out here? Yes, I would say so.

So what are you currently working on? Are you pushing any singles? I’m in the studio right now as we speak! I am

working on somethin’… I can’t wait to get it out. But we’re gonna be done in a few months.

Is it an album or just a single? We are working on an album, and hopefully in the next few months, they will go ahead and

release the first single. I’m not sure yet on the timeline, just know it’s almost completed.

Now are you signed to a label, or independent, or are you looking for a deal? I am looking at World Movement Records

right now.

Big shout outs to Mr. Patterson. Most definitely.

Are you familiar with any of his artists currently on the roster? I’m actually a new artist, so not yet.

Still new to the whole scene?

I’m new to the area and his label, so I’ve been in music for awhile. I’ve got some stuff that I was working with Heavy

Hitters, for awhile to get some of my music played…

The Heavy Hitter Dj’s? …No they’re just called Heavy Hitters. They were referred to me by another producer, with G.

Reggie Reg productions. He’s also in California. They played my music on All My Children and The Young and The


Oh wow...That had to be nice… It was nice…(laughs)

Do you get repeat plays? Yeah.

Well, that’s definitely a good look. Yes.

Okay. Do you have any shows going on currently, or are you totally in the lab creating music? That’s where I am…I’m

in the lab creating the music. I want to get that finished before I really kind of go out there and…I mean I have to have

something to promote right? Although a couple of weeks ago, they had the “Rock The Economy”, here in Las Vegas. I was

one of the artists that performed at that event.

How did that go? It went really nice! It was a nice turnout.

Pretty big event? Oh yeah, it really was.

Okay. Now what sets you apart from the rest of the R & B landscape? What do you bring to the table? I definitely am

original. I would say when people ask me who I can be compared to…

That was gonna be my next question…(laughs) You know, in the past, I’m not gonna say right now, because I think that

my voice has matured, but some people can hear a little bit of Stephanie Mills, a little bit of Shanice, a little bit of Whitney

(Houston), and to some degree, a little bit of Toni Braxton. It’s quite a wide range, but really it’s like they can’t put me in one

particular category or with one particular artist, because I sound like Kanya!

That’s not a bad thing! No, it’s not a bad thing

Well, you’re definitely marketable! That’s right! (laughs)

Alright, you said you’re not just R & B. You have a little bit of a “pop” sound. Yes.

So, you wouldn’t be opposed to doing “Britney” records? Most definitely! I would not be opposed! ( laughs)

So, where can people find your music? Do you have a web-site or a Myspace page? No, I do not currently have that. I

am currently in negotiations with World Movement Records, when it comes to me as an individual artist, as far as promotion

and marketing.

So fans are just gonna have to wait on it then! (laughs) They’re just gonna have to wait for the surprise! (loud laughs)

Soon as you can get me the music I can put it out there on my radio shows. Sounds good. They’re playing it now, so it’s

a real treat.

Outside of music are you involved in any…I don’t know modeling or acting? I started with Barbizan Modeling School in

San Francisco. I did some work with them for awhile. Currently, no. Not right now.

Too consumed with… …With the music, Yes !

Anything else, you would like to add? No, I think you pretty much covered it. And I can’t wait to see you guys in a few


Any shout outs you’d like to get in? Just to Oak-Town! (laughs)

Well, I definitely thank you for coming out here and meeting with me. I enjoyed it. My pleasure.

Young Kaotic,


What’s going on ya’ll? I’m out here in Las Vegas at The Mirage, and I’m talking with my man, Young Kaotic, from

California. What’s good? What’s really good, man?

Not much man. Just out here, you know, grindin’, working on a new album, called “A Hustler’s Ambition.” I should be

dropping that in late August. You know, it should be really fire. I know the streets been waiting for it.

Is this your first release? Yeah, it’s gonna be my first album with a major distribution deal. You know, getting’ it

everywhere and everything.

Currently, do you have any mix-tapes in the street or anything else going on? I dropped a mix-tape last month that’s

called “Rider Muzik. I had a whole bunch of independent artists on there too. It was real hot.

What kind of sound can people expect from Young Kaotic? Man, just real lyrical music, you know? People missing that

“real hip-hop” or “real rap music”, I’m just bringing it back, man. I’m just putting out real hard music, club bangers, you

know? Street music for the G’s, and got everything for the females, you know.

I know you said you’re looking for a distribution deal, are you currently signed to a label? Right now I’m unsigned,

I’m just pushing my music right now, just doing the “independent thang.” I’m just trying to get sales, and maybe work on

something later on. I’m pushing my music right now.

Now I know a lot of people associate California with “gangsta

music”, and you know “Hyphy” right now, where do you fit in

the mix? Ummm, well I got some “hyphy” tracks on the album too,

but I’m from Southern California, there’s not too much of a “hyphy”

thing going on. It’s some real “G” stuff, you know we go back and

forth with that. I’m gonna have some Bay Area people on the album

and all that too. So you know, it’s gonna be hot.

Are there any notable producers, or even up -and-coming cats

you want to mention or shout out? Shout outs to Starblock

Entertainment. They going hard right now, and Platinum Cuts,

you know they on the album as well. Money Moog, DJ Celsius,

Lizzle, Yac, everybody out there!

And these are people you’ve collaborated with? Yeah, these are

people I’ve collaborated with too.

No doubt. Tell me a little bit more. I know you do more than

just the music thing.

Yeah, I do a little bit of acting and modeling, I do a little bit of that

too. I’m just working on that stuff, trying to get into movies and


What kind of modeling gigs have you had so far? Man, I did some

modeling with Ed Hardy last month, a little fashion shoot out here in

Vegas. I also did some work with some cats that I just showed love with. Did some things with them and helped them

promote their little fashion and everything.

What’s your opinion of, first the California hip-hop scene, and then hip-hop in general? I feel the industry is missing.

It’s missing some real, real good music right now. You know everybody’s on a “snap ya fingers” kind of sound, and I’m

trying to bring back that “real hip-hop” music, you know? California? There’s some real “spitters” out here in California,

man. People been sleeping on us, but we about to bring the West back, you know?

Aight… We bringing it back!

Where can people that are interested, or heard the track and want more, where can they go to find out more about

Young Kaotic? They can hit me up on Myspace. Hit me up on . Cali’s Most Wanted, if y'all

ain’t know. But yeah, just hit me up on there, and you can check out my music too. And, you can see the up-coming projects

that I’m working on.

Anything else you want to add? Any shout outs or anything?

Shout outs to …all “Killa Cali”. To everybody doing they thang out there, to Starblock Entertainment, I.E.A., everybody

working on they stuff, putting it out there.

Ya’ll check out that single, “Swagga Too Hard”. I’m dropping that “ Jockin’ My Swag,” too. All of that’s on my Myspace

page which is I got a group too, called Cali’s Most Wanted. You know, we’re doing our

thing out there! Reppin’, working real hard and everything. The tracks is fire. Ya’ll get ready for the up-coming album, called

“ A Hustler’s Ambition”.

So, what’s your take on this whole “swine-flu” epidemic out here? It’s crazy man. I’m hearing a bunch of people just

dying and stuff. It’s spreading around, it just hit Vegas too!

Yeah, I just heard it hit Hillsborough County, where I’m from in Tampa… Yeah, it’s crazy. People aren’t even trying to

travel, really ‘cause of that stuff. It’s crazy, yeah.

Well, hopefully they get a handle on that thing… Yeah, hopefully.

Where can people get your mixtape, only out here in the streets? Yeah, I’m pushing it out here in the streets and on

Myspace too. Ya’ll can download it from there as well.

Are you caught up in the whole “twitter” bug like everyone else? Man, I haven’t even jumped on Twitter yet, but it’s

getting out there. I’m hearing around about it.

Well, Young Kaotic, I appreciate you coming through…Fa’ sho, Fa’sho. Rapsoulution Magazine has been nominated for URBAN MAGAZINE OF THE YEAR ! Please vote at The Southern Entertainment Awards for Rapsoulution Magazine in the following category as best: URBAN MAGAZINE OF THE YEAR As always thank you for your support. "Procrastination is the killer of all dreams!"

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